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Evidence Briefs

Practitioners use evidence to give us confidence we are providing the best possible occupational therapy treatment to our clients.   However, there are approximately 30 U.S. and international journals published specifically for occupational therapy practitioners, and research relevant to our practice published in a large number of journals. It is imperative that we utilize our critical thinking abilities to quickly evaluate whether an article informs our practice. 

The OTAC Practice, Ethics and Reimbursement Committee is showcasing a new feature that may help expose you to different kinds of research.  Students will demonstrate how they are learning to evaluate evidence.  Look at the articles they have selected.  Is one of interest to you?  What is the design of the study? Is the research design strong or weak?  Is the study population similar to the clients you treat?  Do you agree with the findings (why or why not)?  How will you find additional information about the topic? 

Continue to check back because this will be an evolving project with new and different submissions.

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Evidence Brief No. 1 - Efficacy of Force Aerobic Exercise Post Stroke | download
Evidence Brief No. 2 - Compression Garment Therapy | download
Evidence Brief No. 3 - The Use of Kinesio Tape in Lower Back Pain Management | download
Evidence Brief No. 4 - Strapping for Pain Prevention of Hemiplegic Shoulder | download
Evidence Brief No. 5 - Chronic Lower Back Pain and Yoga | download  


If you would like to submt an evidence brief, email the Committee at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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